How to enable morse code on VOR NAV?

Hi, I used to be able to get morse identifiers on VOR stations using NAV1 or NAV2, but suddenly it stopped working.

Is there another setting somewhere that disables the audio?

oh! I just tried it and it worked for NAV2 on the C172 G1000, but not NAV1… weird. I have both NAV buttons enabled on the com panel.

Same with the Piper Warrior. NAV1 IDENT doesn’t work, but NAV2 IDENT does work (with audio panel in AUTO, NAV1, NAV2 set to PHONES).

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Nice find. I’ve wondered the same but I don’t think I tried nav2

WAY back in the beginning with FS2020 I thought at first that the NAV idents weren’t working. Then I made sure their volume controls were cranked full - then I was just barely able to hear the Morse idents (on both Navs). As these audio outputs were set too low by MS/Asobo I stopped running the idents and used the Garmin displays to verify the stations instead (at least on non-steam gauge aircraft).

I haven’t tried the audio for these for a long time - I’ll give them a go on my next flight and see if they have changed…

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