How to export a scenery project from the SDK?

I´m a newcomer in the area of the SDK.

I want to build the ariport in Vágar, because it´s missing. So I have searched the coordinats ( 62.060160 , -7.274323 ) and started the game. Once I was there I have looked around. There is a lake or a part of the ocean with goes into the island, and its heigh wasn´t right, it looks really ugly.
I started to fix these waterbug with marking the area (I´ve used the Polygon “object”). When i was ready I´ve changed the heigh of the lake and everything was fine.

But know I have some problems to get the folder “Packages”, which I need to put it into the communtiyfolder to check the results.
I think I have some misstacks into my project folder. Can anyone explane what structre I need?

Thank you for every answer!
and if you need something like the output of the console I paste it with pleasure.

Have you looked at the sample projects in the SDK? Always the best place to start, even if the documentation is still rather lacking.

Always good to show the console errors here for us when you start build.

Simple airport sample is a great start.

So I should just copy the Airport folder hierachie out of the Samples? Did I have to overwrite the examples?
And the scenery I have to save in the folder PackageSources?

Just copy paste it to an location you like, edit the xml files with the right pads and you are ready to load it in and start build.

Ok I will try it soon.

There are two versions of Vagar already made - might save you some effort:

Check them out! I landed on one of them (superspud version) which seemed good for now. The other one (Ape42) looks quite promising too.

ok, than I have to search another airport.
But I will try to fix the lake bug and import it to my game to make sure that the import works. Thank you

where did I have to safe the scenery (in my case the Polygon) ??

Check out this guy. He has a video for just about everything in the SDK. He’s so good at making it easy. Buy him a coffee donation… he’s put a lot into the video tutes