How to find the gate?

I have Navigraph Charts and can navigate the taxiways with no problem, but the charts don’t have the gate locations; how do i find the gate in a large airport?

Turn on taxi ribbon, maybe?

By deeply zooming in on the map view (during flight planning) you can pick your starting and end flight points on the airport grounds. Presumably you might then be able to re-zoom after landing and orient yourself to a destination gate/parking place.

I usually just land (C172 mostly) and just look for the ground cart and flagmen - usually close enough (given a reduced ground crew percentage).


This is where things get tricky. Navi graph charts show the “real” gate numbers which is great if you are using a scenery that has the real gate layout.

However, default scenery doesn’t conform to that…so either using the taxi ribbon, or just park where you see some ground service crew.


@ZenMusic2 , if you have Navigraph charts, go to the TAXI tab (assuming you are using the app) and look for the PARKING GATES chart. If you are not using the app, then you would find this with the other airport diagrams. Using the app, here’s an example for KPHX:

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I miss the ability to toggle the taxi ribbon from the ATC menu. Having it either on or off via the settings is kind of a drag.


At one point when I had on screen notifications on, I had got a popup in game detailing a shortcut key combo to turn taxi ribbon on… it was some weird combo with a joy axis that I couldn’t seem to make work. It might be worth looking through all the key assignments again or maybe turn on notifications and see if you get one about taxi ribbon. Why can’t the taxi ribbon be an actually follow me car? I mean, they always seem to drive down taxiways when they should be using the service roads lol

Little Nav Map when zoomed in to your arrival field will show “simulator” designated items such as taxiways, gates and ramp spots. It doesn’t reflect real-life, but it does conform to what Ground Control is instructing you - i.e., when they say Taxiway A, there’s actually a Taxiway A on the LNM Moving Map which conforms to the instruction. SImilarly, gates and ramp spots with alphanumeric and numeric designators. You could use that.


Thanks! for all the input, Fmgc320 solved it in Navigraph Charts.

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