How to fly this? (LOWW to LOWI)

Hi Guys

I am flying the PMDG737-800.

Here’s the route SimBreif gave me from Vienna to Innsbruck:


That’s fine, but I would like to try and fly the “Circle to Land” RWY/08 Visual Approach.

The only thing I’m struggling with is how to input this on the flight plan in the FMC.

I saw a tutorial on YouTube, but it doesn’t cover the route input on the FMC.

I can’t find a STAR that matches this approach in the FMC, so am I supposed to input this manually?

I noted on the tutorial video that he managed to do this.

Nay step-by-step guidance would be very helpful! - Thanks!

Your best bet is probably to use BREN4B STAR and then remove the discontinuity between NANIT and BRENO

EDIT: Rereading and having another look I now understand what you are trying to do

First, get 111.10 into your NAV radio so that you have got DME on your PFD

So you could use “position bearing distance” waypoints to get your nav path into the FMC. This works by typing onto the scratchpad as follows:

Enter ADWIG and put that in after RTT

Next you’ll want D19.0 OEV. So type “OEV074/19” (074 being opposite direction to 254 incoming bearing) and Insert this to go after ADWIG and set an altitude constraint here of /9500

Could then skip to the first waypoint on the visual chart is D6.3 OEV. So type “OEV074/6.3”

Then do the same to get the next one “OEV074/4.2” and set an altitude constraint here of /4400

You will then have to take over in heading mode to fly 230 before turning to 264. When you your DME shows 3.5, you can turn on to final

After NANIT fly direct to RTT (or direct to ADWIG) at 9500 ft, and from there the LOC/DME EAST approach till RUM and then circle to rwy 08 at 3700ft MSL. When over the village of Absam, fly between the church and and the hillside to your left.
Make sure to keep the speed below 140 knots when circling and use 30 degrees of bank while turning until you have runway 08 in sight.
The auopilot should be OFF during the entire circling maneuver!
Happy landing!

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The attached link should help with the circling part of the approach, after you have succesfully joined the ILS from RTT.

You can fly it no matter the initial approach you use for rwy 26.
Just fly, for example, the loc dme east until 3,5 dme from oev (iirc) and then break off to hdg 263 or whatever is specified in the chart. From there on continue as per the chart.

Thanks for the info :+1: