How to Gain FPS While Using FBW Mod

So I installed the updated A32NX FBW mod the other day which apparently had an FPS performance increase to make it run smoother. It seems like most simmers on here noticed a change in FPS and that it seemed to be performing smoother than before. For me though, I wanted to believe it was smoother, but I think I realized it was just a “placebo effect” for me.

This leaves me wondering. What are some ways that I can gain FPS while using the mod? Right now, that’s my biggest issue with it. It’s not terrible, but every few seconds I experience micro stutters and it has a slightly “choppy” feel to it, whereas the default A320 feels very smooth on my PC. I’ve turned off the FO displays, set my cockpit refresh rate to low, lowered graphics settings and even ground vehicles and all that. Yet, I still doesn’t seem to notice much improvement and the micro stutters I mentioned before still exist.

Is there any advice you could give me to try and gain some FPS back (I’m not asking for a huge increase) or eliminate the micro stutters I keep experiencing?

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If you’re running on 16GB of RAM upgrading to 32GB might help. Not guaranteed though.

If you’re on Nvidia GPU, I’d usually start with the GeForce Experience tool, and set the graphics settings to Optimised by the tool. This should already give you the optimal setting for a comfortable FPS. Try flying with the optimised settings for a while. And if your micro-stutters are gone, then you can gradually increase the graphics settings starting from textures. Once you get a comfortable FPS without stutter with the highest texture that you can. Then you can start adding more to the other graphics settings like Terrain detail, and Objects detail.

And as Mort said, upgrading your RAM would be helpful.

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im with 32gb of ram and its usually all used (cache mostly) so i’d recommend to get 32gb for sure

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The two things I’ve found to work in this case are setting the glass cockpit refresh rate to medium and the in game v-sync to lock at 30 fps.

Also run the latest dev build rather than the stable release, it contains the newest, most optimized code.

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I’ll try this method. Like I said, right now I have it set to low which I feel like would help more, but maybe I’m wrong about that. And I’ll have to try locking the v-sync as well.

Turn off the co-pilot displays. Also get the latest dev version which has a performance fix that reduces stutters

Like I said, I turn off the FO displays and I have the latest custom version installed. I was told that either the dev. or custom version had the FPS improvement.

Have you tried putting everything in your graphics settings to Minimum or Low?

Yes, pretty much most of my settings are at medium and low, including all of my ground vehicle and traffic. I don’t really care much about all that, so I’ve always had it set to low from the start and increase FPS.

So I was just thinking about something.

I’m running the FBW mod along with a livery mod at the same time. If I was just running the mod by itself with no livery, do you think this could reduce the stutters any? I can’t try it at the moment, but I will later when I have a chance. Just thought I’d be curious.

I am running the mod along with liveries and I don’t have a stuttering issue. You could try it but I doubt that is your issue.