How To Get Started with importing skins into FS

I have read the SDK (not much help). I found some paint kits. Are there instructions for using the paint kits and how to import the newly painted skins into FS?


Hi. You should install Gimp and Photoshop (with DDS plugin) to open and modify the texture files.
I personally cannot really use Gimp because it is lacking some important features Photoshop has, that`s why I use Gimp only to convert to DDS file format.

You should also install the programm DXTBmp if some file conversions are necessary.

Please not that the texture files for the Flight Simulator have two file endings - not one (it took me HOURS!! to find this little detail out, and I kept wondering and wondering why my textures just don`t work.)

For example a texture is called “CESSA152_AIRFRAME_FUSELAGE_ALBD.PNG.DDS”
but when you save it, especially when you have your computer settings to “hide folder extension endings” or whatever this feature is called in English, you have only a file
“CESSA152_AIRFRAME_FUSELAGE_ALBD” on your desktop or repaint folder when having finished your work - and you will not be able to get this file recognized by the Flight sim.
So please always remember the two file endings, save as PNG or DDS, but always put the .PNG.DDS to the end of a file.

After some time you will get a good feeling of how these repaints work, what file types work best, how to make chrome or shiny parts and stuff like that. The more modder and repainter our community gets, the better :wink:

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Well I can now get the skins in to MSFS now but now I have a different problem. I’m trying to do the Beech Baron but I can’t get white textures. Only blue or yellow. Can someone point me in the right direction?