How to get to support about a infinitely "pending" marketplace trans

My sale purchase has been pending for two days (blocking me from buying other items)
My credit card was charged and paid… but marketplace still shows pending and I can’t download my purchase

Hlelp … give me a link to support thanks

Hi @ZenMusic2,
Zendesk is the official support.

There are many topics on this in the forums. Do a search on “pending purchase”.

One topic is here:

In particular, this post:

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I recently had the same thing. You can get a refund within the first 14 days of purchase easily enough and you need to submit a zendesk support ticket to get that message cleared. It takes a bit of time and I was planning a few Easter Sale purchases and by the time it was resolved this morning the Sale was over. I was on the phone and then live chat for over 3 Hours trying to resolve this and was being passed from dept to dept and back again. Thanks Microsoft for wasting my time and blowing my chance of making some purchases. I wasn’t a great fan of the Marketplace as it was now I’m at the point where I will never use it again. The lack of knowledge and expertise of the Microsoft support teams during this experience was evident. Never again for me.

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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to start a topic. I’ve been searching for over an hour. Can’t also find an XBOX wishlist sub forum either. Can someone please direct?

Hi WebbierPillow39,

Welcome to the forums! Depending on what you need assistance with, we have a Community Help area if you need help from the community, or you can explore the following links to learn more:

General Welcome and How to Get Started: Welcome to the Public Forums!
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Generally, this page will show you color-coded categories and sub-categories for each one that you can peruse.

The forum has one wishlist subcategory located here: #self-service:wishlist (Community Help Center > Wishlist)

Or you can Direct Message @Copilot who may be able to direct you where you want to go.


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