How to get weather information in-sim when using Live weather

Is there some way to get/find weather information in-som when your using Live Weather ?
It’s not possible in the flight configuration screen and I haven’t found anything in-sim (short-cut, map etc)

Mostly when you have a aircraft with MFD screens and/or the G1000 screen it shows the windspeed and direction on this screen.
For some reason it does show the temperature, but not windspeed/heading.

In world map, you can filter by wind strengh. (it shows blue/red/magenta colors on world map and show wind strengh at each airport also if I remember correctly)

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I’ve read that wind strength is currently bugged and it is 3 knots everywhere in the world.

Since reading that yesterday I’ve been paying attention in my last 4 flights that were all around the world and it seems true.

If you mean during a flights you tune into atis via atc if available.

Got it, thanks

Doesn’t this only work when your still at a airport ?

Think you might need to be near an airport with available atis.