How to Have more than one CGL in a folder

Im working on a scenery and when building the ortho i noticed the CGL folder ended up having two cgl files. When it did this the scenery simply wouldnt load for me in the sim at all . i found that when i split the CGL Folder into 2 so that each CGL has a seperate folder in the community folder everything works correctly. Now the issue is i want to upload the scenery to the Marketplace but the Mods say my scenery can only have one folder . Does anyone know how i can make a CGL folder with Two CGL files in them work ?

It does not surprise me, Microsoft also prescribes very accurately how (any) scenery project directories are structured, handling of terrain files (.cgl) could be on a per package basis.

Q: have you looked into the console… what’s the error
Q: why would you put more than one terrain file in a package ?

Maybe your .CGL files could be merged ? By the way, FSDeveloper/breadeater developed a parser for CGL files, there could be some documentation for your question,

Thank you for the response

To answer your first question, There is no error .When i build the package it creates everything normally with no issues . The issue is when i now put this built package in the community folder and load it in the sim, the scenery simply wont load . After i click on ready to fly it just stays n that screen with the cessna and never loads into the airport. In earlier versions of the sim what would happen is that the scenery will load but half of the ortho will be missing, I was able to identify that the issue was because the package builder had two cgl files in one folder so when i seperated them into two different ones in the community folder the ortho worked fine.

Are there any Asobo Devs that can help me with this ?Is a scenery that generates two CGLs not possible at the moment ?

Hi, I just posted something in devsupport that might be of help to you. Basically, the way you set up your project, compiler will not complain, but the FS2020 won’t load it. You need to set up your project to contain 2 or more CGL-type asset groups which will then have their own directories and separate entries in layout.json.