How to illuminate the Aviator’s Tablet in the FBW A320?

Does anybody know how to turn the backlight on?

Are you using the developer or experimental version?

The “Custom” version

That’s the experimental. Then just click with the mouse on the touch pad. The EFB should launch.

It launches…but I can hardly see it. Is there no backlight?

On the top right corner, there’s a setting symbol. Click on that. There you can adjust the brightness.

Thank you.
The same question regarding the Radio Stack and the 4 number ID?

Yeah, I’m with you. There’s already an issue on gihub regarding that. Hope this will be changed soon. Depends on our programmers and their time.

While I have your attention, another post mentioned Autoland using both APs. Is that available now in the Experimental version?

YES!!! And it works too… :wink:

WOW! I am running back to the cockpit as fast as I can!

Flying Custom version c5daad1, but no dual AP or Autoland here.

Am I using the wrong version?

You should be at least on build 6339097. Update it using your Installer.
Note that you have to delete the old version of the mod from the community folder since this is now a standalone aircraft. Delete it, then use the installer to install the custom experimental version at least build 6339097 as of this writing.

If you’re having issues with getting your liveries working with the new A32NX, message me directly, and I’ll send you a link to a compatible livery pack.