How to increase the visual distance of an object

I have just created a tower with my sdk but unfortunately it is only visible at a hundred meters yet in real life it is visible for kilometers can we enlarge this visual distance from the object … a little help thank you so much

Did you add multiple LOD models at different distances?

no Only one turn

What program is it being exported from?

In blender you can embed a giant invisible plane in it to lock in greater visibility.

You may also be exporting it without the correct scale.

I took a small tower that already exists on sdk scenery and I just enlarged it to the desired size.

I just started to experiment with lightrows using light presets. Initial testing is very promising. I can see the light at least a couple of miles away. A lot more testing is needed. Do a search on “lightrow” and then “light preset” in the SDK documentation.

Ah right. Nothing you can do then. Draw distance is fixed for sdk items. I doubt changing size will do anything either.