How to install a 3th party landing challenge?

I have installed quite some scenery and aircraft from 3th party websites and every time that was very easy: just close the game, go to \Community folder and add things there, restart the game. Voilà… new scenery, new aircraft, new livery, etc…

This is the first time I try to install a third party Landing Challenge. But it does not turn up in my landing challenges. Am I missing something ?

The challenge is named like this (at least that’s the map I copied to Community)

airport LS60 Rockfall - Parorng

It was introduced in Inappropriate Landings the author is parorng and the download came from

Ahh it’s not a landing challenge as such… yet!

Maybe I’ll have to make it one!

For now it’s just a scenery. You can search for ‘LS60’ on the world map.

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Aha gottit… thx for the tip

OMG this place is vertical :fearful:

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LOL takeoff is fun too at LS60… crowdy here… you put these stones there on purpose ? :smile: (2 takeoffs ok sofar, no landings…)

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Hehe, glad you’re enjoying it!

A C172 you’ll probably have to land on the upslope, and I’d recommend touching down on the upslope at full power! Then you’d need to turn and roll down to take off again.

This scenery was designed for the Carbon Cub and the Savage Grravel mods. They are the Savage cubs on steroids, and perfect for landing at silly places like this!

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It’s your work… thx pal, I really like your place ! You could put up a Berghütte selling beer and sausages, and set up a ski lift for the tourists ?

Gonna try landing with a glider (sail plane) tonight. Maybe a lot easier…

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Gotcha :stuck_out_tongue: KitFox has landed… also best landing sofar on LS60. Had to pause in time because airplane is rolling back off the slope… handbreak does nothing hehe

On my takeoff attempt (rudder left, elevator downward, full throttle) something really strange happened… I made a recording of it… seems the airplane is taking off backward