How to install liveries

How to install liveries?I cant do it on win store

Hi you need to put the liveries in the comunity folder wher you instaled the game :wink:

Check out the links in this post: Master A320Neo Livery List

thank you very much I have solved this problam

thank you very much I have solved this problam …

Hey, can someone else assist me in trying to install these liveries? I’ve tried the tutorials on the megapack page and online and no matter what I do to the folder, placing it in the community folder Flight.Simulator(random numbers) - local cache - packages - community, it still doesnt show up for me.

Help would be appreciated

Can you please verify the actual location of the LocalCache folder? In particular, does it have a small arrow in the corner indicating that it is a link instead of an actual directory? If so, please check your other drivers for a folder named WpSystem and check whether it also contains a Microsoft.FlightSimulator_long-number folder.

If this is the case, you need to change your installation layout of MSFS as described here: Adding more than one livery to Microsoft Flight Simulator

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