How to keep live weather but change time?


Is there a way to keep live weather but change the time of the day?
For example, I choose a departure airport which happens to be night time, when I change the time to day, the live weather changes to custom weather.

I have found you can change the time and the weather remains the same, from the in game weather menu.

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Also before the flight if you do not have live multiplayer selected. Go to the weather, switch it to live and then just move the slider on the right.

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choose live weather, then custom then change time of day, i think. Im using OnAir and I have set the ingame time to -6, because I mostly fly in the evening and it would be dark all the time. So I can keep live weather but I am 6 hours behind.
I would not care about live weather so much, if the ingame weather wasnt static and doesnt change over time. I think they really missed sonething here.