How to know which aircraft controls are meant for which aircraft

Other sim I fly has the aircraft controls sorted by aircraft so you know exactly what controls are available for each individual aircraft. In msfs 2020 all the controls for all the different aircraft are put into the same place.
Is there a way to have these controls sorted out by aircraft so other aircraft controls can be filtered out?

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Not really clear on what you mean.

The controls to extend or retract the landing gear, for example, obviously would apply to any aircraft with retractable gear. Are you upset that you can see those control options in the menu even while flying a fixed-geat plane?

What bothers me is when I choose to map my joystick to a specific control that doesn’t have that functionality in the plane I’m flying…I can only find this out by trial and error.
There should be a written indication stating what planes a given control works for.

I assume you reference to DCS? There every assignment menu has specifically been created for a particular airplane. But other than MSFS the modules there are deeply simulated aircraft with very different and specialized weapon systems, general functions for all of them hardly make any sense.

In MSFS we don‘t have any highly complex airplanes yet, except the DC6 to a certain degree, and they all share the same basic functionality. A set of flight controls, a battery switch, a fuel pump… you get my point I think.

Once the real complexity comes to MSFS you will likely have to look for alternative ways to setup your controls. I use Axis And Ohs, other programs will be available too, be it FSUIPC, Mobiflight or others. In my humble opinion the MSFS assignment menu is totally useless for this future task.

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My wishlist for this has been around for a long time, but gathered little support so far. Feel free to vote:


Thank you fellow simmers for your feedback, hopefully in time we will see plane controls filters.

This was a great feature in X-Plane. Sadly, MSFS does not have it. This has been discussed in these forums since MSFS was released. You can create custom profiles by aircraft or any other category but you have to remember to change the profile when getting ready for a flight. I use Piston, TurboProp, and Jet plus a separate profile for the TBM930 since it is a little different than a normal turboprop. Don’t know if MS/Asobo will ever create profiles that automatically load with the aircraft type you choose. For all I know, X-Plane(Laminar) may have the feature copyrighted.

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Many simmers like myself don’t know what every control option does so we therefore don’t know if it can or cannot be used in the plane of your choice. I have set up device profiles which allows me to have different key commands active per plane but you first have to know what the active key commands per plane are.

Yes! We should also be able to store our favorite planes in the hanger and store that as part of the profile.

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