How to learn to flight on Flight Simulator 2020


I am looking for guides to learn to flight and use the instruments, the diferent way to naviguate with or sin view, etc. and also checklist regarding planes.

I saw for example the checklist for the A320 Neo in the forum but it is not really complete and does not explain where are the instruments in the cokpit and how to fly and why we have to do that…

Thank for advices and help

The best way to learn how to fly an airliner is YouTube, I’d say. I learned how to fly the A320neo from this video but it’s really for X-Plane so it requires some mental adaptation and fiddling around becuase some things are implemented differently or not at all (but that’s part of the fun). I’m sure by now there are FS2020-specific videos as well.

If you want to get started Youtube is a good place for general aviation videos. Doesn’t even have to be sim specific. Navigation and instruments are pretty generic and work fairly close if not exactly like the real world. (There are obviously missing systems in the sim, but watching real instrument tutorials gives you an idea what’s possible and impossible in the sim right now)

Start with GA planes (C172, C152 are pretty forgiving) and skip the highly automated planes that currently have some issues and are fairly hard to fly as a beginner.

Once you get the hang of how the planes handle, step up to faster more complicated ones like the TBM or King Air which also have more automated systems and get closer to Airliners)

That’s a recommendation based on how i learned to fly sims. Depends a lot on what level of detail you are after and whether it’s sim or gaming you want.

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Thank you for the advise, I will check the video on youtube and thank you for the steps to follow.


Here are a couple of good sites to start with that are specific to MSFS. There are a lot more!

Here is a huge list of references for new pilots from AVSIM:

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Thanks for the links, the site AVSIM give a lot of info.

If you want to understand how to fly, youtube has hundreds of videos on flight instructions and training. People have recorded their actual flight training on youtube. I’ve been watching aviation videos for years.

Here is the playlist from This is an excellent series if you want to learn and transfer what you see in the videos over to the sim. This is real world, not people doing videos from flight simming.

There are a ton of others for training and just general aviation flying. Personal favorite youtube channel is Josh Flowers with his Aviation101 channel. I happened across his early videos from around 8-10 years ago where he was recording his flights going to an actual flight school and I followed his journey to get his license on youtube. Now his videos of his trips I would like to recreate the route just to see in the sim what I’ve seen in his videos.

I wish I could post my youtube channel subscriber list, but it is so packed with everything imaginable I can’t pull out just the aviation stuff. I have channels I watch for just about every hobby from RC flight, flight sim/real aviation, bushcrafting, camping, motorcycles, cars, firearms, racing sims, guitar, anything I am interested in. Youtube is where to go for the answers you seek.

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Sometimes I wonder what’s worse, a sim “trained” pilot with Danning Kruger syndrome or a YouTube one?
(Fwiw I fall into both categories)…


thank you the channel youtube Aviation 101 is really interesting :slight_smile:

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