[HOW-TO] Map the the Joystick POV hat to pan around the cockpit

I was asked by several people about how to pan around the cockpit using the joystick hat switch. This changes the joystick setup so proceed with caution. This is the way XP (and P3D) works out of the box and I like it better than the MFS choices. So here is my technique:

  1. Go to options/controls/ joystick, Right under the name of your joystick (mine is a T.1600), create a new profile so you can always go back to the default if you mess things up or don’t like the results. This name change may happen automatically when you start to change things.
  2. Click on camera/cockpit camera.
  3. Find the POV options, choose one, like the POV left, and click on the box with the POV left arrow. Mine originally said “cockpit quickview left”. After you click on the box some options come up. Click clear current input. Then click Validate. You may have to do this several times as it took me a few trys. Continue this process with all four POV directions, clearing the input for each and verifying that they are all clear. You can check by searching for the input in the left search area and check that the POV keys do nothing.
  4. In the left filter box, switch the filter to ALL. You may have to press expand/collapse all to see all the options. Find “cockpit look left” under camera/cockpit camera.
  5. Once you have found "cockpit look left’, click on the the box to the right of it. This box should be empty.
    When the options box opens up, press “select an input” and scroll down to POV left arrow. Choose it and then click “validate”
    Do this for the other 3 directions, right, up, and down. Choose Cockpit look right, cockpit look up and cockpit look down for the relevant POV direction.
  6. After completing this process for all four directions check to see that the correct command fits the correct POV hat direction.
  7. If everything looks correct, click or press F11 in the bottom to save you new profile.

This should do it! Load a scenario, and now you can pan around the cockpit to your hearts content. Note this can also be done using shift-and the arrow keys…much more clumsy IMO.
There maybe another option to change under general/camera that says hold, but I don’t think this is relevant.

Let me know if this works for you or you need more specific instructions.