How to Merge a default Panel with a different aircraft?

Hi All,
I have successfully converted a working freeware A330 over from FSX and want to merge the Default A320NEO panel with the model I have ported over. I have done cockpit merges in the past in FSX, (In fact have been tinkering with lots of stuff since FS98) however I am not sure to start the process out in the new sim.

Any help and advice is appreciated, and I will provide as much feedback as possible as to what works/doesn’t!

Thank you so much, I’m excited as the possibilities of this project could be very exciting!

Update… I have tried this method but no luck so far.

An example as I cannot post links “You have to copy the interior model from AIRCRAFT A model folder into the AIRCRAFT B model folder and change the entry for the interior model so that this points to the AIRCRAFT A. Then you’ll need to find all the texture files that end with “_C” in the AIRCRAFT A texture folder and copy it to the AIRCRAFT B texture folder.”