How to permanently change sensitivity of controls ('flight model')

On the World Map page after clicking on the plane selected, there are three “Customization” options for the Flight Model: Elevator, Rudder, and Aileron Authority Adjustment.

How I can make these permanent for all planes in MSFS? Or even for just one plane? Thank you.

i see some variants. but may be devs or even other users know even more… first is use force sensor joystick if you prefeel it’s ok for you. second use joystick with different springs in complect. third use some software, where you can create profile for every single aircraft you want… sure you can found easy, i use fsuipc for reverse only so far. and don’t know how good another soft and what they got, i even don’t sure fsuipc has opportunity for change sensitivity, but think, yes
ah… must be fourth. some controllers have their own software, where you can change sensitivity, axis curvature, dead zones etc. must be that should be first in my list :slight_smile:

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