How to project GIS data on map?

Hello, i am totally new on this topic in Microsoft Flight Simulator. In my work life i am working with a water supply project in Nepal and i have some GIS data of water pipes i would like to project onto the map and then fly over the area to visualize the pipe network on the map.
Before i start to dive in and learn how to make scenery etc. i would like to know if it is even possible?
The pipe GIS data is available as ESRI Shape or i can convert the data to any other format.

My first guess is that i would have to create one large texture of the pipe network and then somehow fit it onto the map - but is there a more GIS like way to do it?

You can import the .shp with Blender-gis
Or convert it to a gpx and use blender-osm (better solution because Blender-gis has some issue with scaling)

Then make it a solid mesh, (maybe via an array/curve) and then export to glTF and next import in the the Sim as projectedmesh (you need of course to cut down some trees)

You can also add elevation data to your .shp/.gpx, i guess that in the specific world zone Asobo is using SRTM 30 meters . If so you can create the pipe itself and export as a scenery object

If you have some background doing sceneries for this sim should be somewhat easy to do so,
Otherwise I can help

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Thnx for the reply. I will give it a try. I am sure there will be questions later.

Don’t be afraid to ask!
I’m using QGIS extensively in my global add-ons,
Also have made a couple of tutorials where I’m using the blender plugins mentioned above

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