How to raise the pilots seat?

I am actually an instrument rated private pilot and I have flown tail draggers where the runway is obscured by the nose of the aircraft during the landing flare. That however is not the case with any of the small nose gear aircraft i have flown.

I find myself using the external 3rd person view because in almost every aircraft the runway environment is obscured on short final and during the touchdown phase of landing in flight simulator 2020.

So simple question, How do i raise the pilots seat so that i can see the runway using the 1st person view. What keyboard commands or mouse movements are needed and can i raise my height in multiple steps?


Arrow up raises view, space bar might also work

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I’ve increased the cockpit height in the camera menu from 50 to 80. This provides a mush more realistic cutoff angle for all aircraft and I don’t need to fiddle around with the seat height during the flight.
I’m not changing the seat height IRL either (except on +8hrs long range flights)


Get Track IR :wink:


In the keyboard settings you can map view up and view down to your controls (can’t remember the exact name of the mapping). Then with a button click on my flight yoke i can move the view up or down and it stays there (unlike with space bar which resets when you let go).

Like Iflygary said - one of the main reasons I use TrackIR … that and leaning forward so my poor old eyes can read the fiddly little numbers on these new-fangled glass screens :slight_smile:

I did have to finesse the TrackIR response curves quite a bit to get enough ‘movement’ without the view bobbling around like a stormy day over the Pyrenees due to the slightest movement of my head.

Standard binding of works okay in some of the airplanes.

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simplement la flèche vers le haut ( fleche sup des 4 fleches à coté du clavier numérique)

In the Cub I keep pressing Left arrow/Right arrow too to shift my “head” left/right during flight or taxiing.

As written above, I set the Camera height to 70.
What I miss, is how to move the seat further from the panel permanently (Alt plus Down arrow in flight, but that is not a permanent setting, will always reset on next flight). I know there is “Zoom” but that’s not what I need.

I’m missing something? Where do you modify 50 to 80 to adjust Cockpit Height in the Camera Menu.

I’m not on my PC right now, but I think it is in the general settings that you can reach through the main menu or by pressing escape in flight. There’s a camera section and a cockpit subsection.

I’m also not near my PC, but AFAIR SpindlySpark275 is correct.

Thanks guys the 80% cockpit height setting helped a ton!

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Go it. Thanks.