How to reference model/panel in custom livery

What’s the best practice for referencing a particular model and panel in a custom livery? My add-on aircraft for which I’m creating a livery has subfolders like these:


I can reference the “blackpanel” textures in my livery’s texture.cfg like so:



That works fine. I want to use the G3X version of the plane, so I thought I could make a panel.cfg and model.cfg that does the same thing like:



That didn’t work. So then I thought maybe I can just set this in the aircraft.cfg like this:

base_container = "..\Indiafoxtecho_LongEZ"

title = "Long-EZ N112TG" 
model = "..\Indiafoxtecho_LongEZ\model.g3x"
panel = "..\Indiafoxtecho_LongEZ\panel.g3x"
sound = "" 
texture = "N112TG" 

My livery is either missing from the aircraft list, or it’s broken when I load it, no matter what combination of path or formatting I can think of.

I looked at liveries for other aircraft that are referencing different model or panel variants, and they’re actually including a copy of the original model and panel files. That doesn’t seem like the right approach. If I’m not making any changes, I should be able to simply reference these files, and I don’t want to redistribute the original assets of a commercial add-on either.