How to refuel an airplane?

How can i refuel an airplane? i`m in complete stop in a parking i press shift+f the truck comes and it does nothing

Just open the menu on the upper part of the screen. One of the tabs is named as fuel, open it and configure as you wish.

Either park close to a fuel pump at the field and the window should open, or you can just open the window manually. It is the weight looking icon in the top hover menu.

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Any advice for how to refuel on Bush Trips?

The usual Fuel/Weight tool in the toolbar is restricted so it’s not possible to do it there.

Pressing SHIFT+F for the truck does call the truck (somtimes), but again, no window when it arrives.

Same story for ground fuel pumps - park nearby and nothing…

Scratching my head on this one! lol

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I don’t think you can or are supposed to in the bush trips. Once you land at the destination airfield come to a complete stop on the runway and that portion of the flight should register and automatically bring the flight to an end with the completion screen.

I´m in an activity from breckenridge to mariposa and i think its restricted

EDIT: I found this and i solved it
Go from main menu to options > controls
Default filter is on “Assigned”, so change to “All”
Search for “Repair”

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yep but you start the next step with the same amount of fuel so i dont think i can complete it

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