How to regain credit for bush challenge completion

I reinstalled the OS then reinstalled MSFS. Not surprisingly I no longer have the credit for having completed all four of the bush challenges. I’d like to have that credit back so that I can go to whichever of the legs that I wish. I have an image of the MSFS partition from prior to reinstall and it allows me to recover individual folders/files. I’m trying to copy the previous versions of the bush challenges, ex. asobo-bushtrip-Alaska in the OneStore folder. However I’m unable to get past the error messages of either “Access is Denied” or “Your organization does not allow you to place that file here”. Is this the correct thing to be recovered? Is the completion info stored elsewhere? If so how do I accomplish it? Thanks.
Post added… I discovered the correct location which is MSFS…\LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\ Can anyone offer advice on how to get past the error messages when trying to copy the previous files over?