How to remove AIG Manager and Traffic Controller

Can someone help me removing (uninstall) AIG Manager and Traffic Controller?
I cam find videos how to install but non how to uninstall.
Thanks in advance

As there was no installer, just delete the directories where you copied the install files to. If you want to delete the traffic files created by the programs, delete the aig-aitraffic-oci-beta directory under your FS Community directory.

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Thanks a lot, will try that.

Hi there, I need to remove AIG and reinstall it properly to get it working, but I need help with these steps, i’m unfamiliar with what exactly to do

I’d consider waiting for a native program eg Just Flight Traffic or for AIG to develop it to a finished state. Now, it’s more of a problem to have. I decided to remove it altogether today and wait for something stable and easy to maintain. The result is a rise in fps.

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I concur, I want to remove AIG manager and the Traffic manger completely but I don’t know where to start, i’m still pretty new when it comes to working with files and such, I was hoping someone could help me with simple steps on hoe to achieve a full removal of the program and its contents.
Many thanks in advance

What about those files for the default traffic that got renamed?

If you let AIG rename your MSFS traffic file then you will need to rename it back to stock. It’s in the official folders under …\fs-base-ai-traffic\scenery\world\traffic and you will have to have show extensions on in your file manager settings because AIG appends something like .AIGoff (can’t remember if that’s exactly it) to the end of the stock MSFS file which should be named trafficAircraft.bgl


this may be a bit old - I did a quick search and could not confirm.
How do I get rid of the flight plans and injected traffic, but keep the models so that MSFS can use them for live traffic (as it does now)

If I delete flight plans - will that not also delete models?
Sorry if this is a stupid question,


I think the way AIG is setup you have to have both for the mod to work.

That said, if you run Live Traffic in MSFS then it will use the models and liveries from AIG while ignoring AIG’s flightplans.

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thats what i thought!
My OCD wanted to delete the flight plans - but as you say it will delete the models!


The latest update created a new trafficAircraft.bgl file. So, now in that folder I have “trafficAircraft.bgl” and “trafficAircraft.bgl.aigolff” files. Which can I delete or rename, to get the default traffic back?

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This question was answered by JayDee (Youtube). He said the trafficAircraft.bgl should be deleted and the trafficAircraft.bgl.aigoff should be renamed to trafficAircraft.bgl
BUT I can‘t confirm if this is still the way it works, maybe anyone else could confirm this?!?!

Well, I ask because the “trafficAircraft.bgl” file is the newer file created after the SU10 update and “trafficAircraft.bgl.aigoff” is an old file, created when AIG was installed. It would be expected to delete the older file nd keep the new file, right?

Yes you are right. Thats the reason why I asked if some one may confirm JayDee‘s recommendation. Since this I keep the AIG files untouched :man_shrugging:

Okay, I asked JayDee directly. As soon as I get a reply I‘ll post it here.

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No reply yet?

Not yet I‘m sorry

If SU10 updated trafficAircraft.bgl and you have not run AIG and let it rename the file since, then you have the correct trafficAircraft.bgl file. No need to delete it and put the .aigoff file back in it’s place. MSFS has it’s stock file in place.

The question is did MSFS actually update the trafficAircraft.bgl file with SU10? I know it updated the layout.json file, but not sure if it touched the trafficAircraft.bgl file.

I just assumed that SU10 changed it because the modified date was around the time I updated it and I didn’t use AIG for some time. Can you maybe check your file when it was last changed?