How to remove Static aircrafts?

I fly MFS normally online (Vatsim) between several international airports in Europe. My settings are under “Flight conditions” :

  • Live Players (to see other Vatsim traffic) under Multi Traffic
  • Air Traffic OFF
  • Weather and Time LIVE

Almost all Airports are filled with Static aircrafts in the scenery and they become a problem while they are blocking the live traffics gates for instance. When you load a new flight the chosen gate can be occupied and you have two aircraft at the same spot.

How to avoid this? Is there a way to avoid static aircraft ( can I delete those in the texture file for instance?)

Any help appreciated

Reduce ground aircraft density under General/Traffic to 0.

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Great thanks!

It does not work for FlyTampa Copenhagen.
I have the Ground Aircraft Density set to 0, but I still see 6 static aircrafts at the airport.
Can they be removed?

Static and AI Aircrafts are a whole different thing.