How to Remove Tail Number

The Idea is korrekt. The numbers at size hase to be 1 and the numbers on the down line has to be 0, and than The Thail number si away. I do it a lot of times.

You have to look in the Panel.cfg for the location = exterior, and there like in the Picture, at size all 1, and like in the down line all as 0. Thats it. The Thailnumber is gone.


The problem with this is that it will get rid of the tail number for everything. Sometimes I only want specific liveries to show tail number while some liveries I want it to hide.

But that means I need to have the Panel.cfg file to be in every single livery copied from the original aircraft file.

And that can cause issues if the original aircraft is updated with a new panel.cfg and we have to update it again on every single liveries.

For Planes in Progress could it be, but I also but the Panel.cfg in the Livery File, I never had a problem, only for the Flybywire A320, there it not work. But for all other Planes I made Livery, I never had a problem. But Yes, when the Panel is changed, you have to update the Panel.cfg, but I think it is not so bad, becouse it is not so often. And there is no other Way to do it, so… Do it like it workes, ore let it be.

Well, since I’m flying the development version of FBW A32NX, that gets updated everyday, and they can make panel updates everyday too so using the panel.cfg to hide the registration number on the livery level is a maintenance nightmare.

I just stick to use a blank character like these for the liveries that I want the tail number to be hidden. You can’t use a blank “space” otherwise the sim will freeze. So instead use a valid character that is invisible like below. You can copy paste this into your livery aircraft.cfg if you want.

atc_id = " " ; tail number

I assume there is still no proper way to hide the aircaft registration saved in aircraft.cfg from the actual livery but keep it in the .cfg for other apps to read it properly?

I found that e.g. volanta (flight tracking app) is reading the registration from aircraft.cfg and if there is a null character it obviously doesn’t know what aircraft this is.

Indeed, I just wish that there’s a parameter in the aircraft.cfg that works by either showing them the registration number or hiding them but still broadcasting the tail number in the background.

I think the ATC_Enable_Tail_Number or something like that is suppose to do it. But it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Pardon my ignorance, why would one remove the tail number? When I load up a flight, I use the tail number in SimBrief for STKP and it also shows up (as aircraft type, livery/airline, and tail number) on my Class Echo.

Is there some sort of performance advantage by removing the tail number? If someone could let me know, it would be greatly appreciated!

Because some livery designer sometimes “hard paint” tail registration number into the livery texture itself. There are many reasons, some of which are due to the real life registration number position is different from the default positioning of the tail number in the sim. There’s also different font, or even different colour of the tail number. You don’t want the default black coloured tail number to appear on top of a black livery. Where usually, in real life livery that tail registration would be white to make it visible.

So for livery designer who wants to have their liveries to appear as close as possible to real life, that means they need to directly paint the tail number into the livery texture itself, and we can’t change it. So since the texture itself has the tail registration number, you don’t want the default tail registration coming from the sim to be visible, otherwise, it would show as double and won’t look as good. That’s why we need to “hide it” from view, so that we can only see the tail number that’s painted directly into the livery.


So it’s more or less for livery designers then from what I understand from your response. That definitely makes sense to me now. Thank you for your explanation.

I’m interested if you can remove only the registration on the fuselage of the A320 neo? I would like to keep the one under the wing. The problem is that the painters understandably insert the registration on the fuselage themselves and therefore remove the registration in the Aircraft.cfg. Unfortunately, this means that the registration under the wing is also lost. But the registration under the wing is actually desired. As far as I understand it, it is not possible to create the registration under the wing with e.g. Blender, etc… Does anyone have a solution to this or has this already been discussed elsewhere?

Tried, now my FS wont even load a flight :confused: Even if I revert back

The way I changed it was very simple, I literally went in the box and hit the “space bar” then it removed the tail number.