How to remove the new ugly UI pop up boxes when interacting with cockpit?

Anyone figured out how to remove/hide these new ugly pop up boxes which appear when looking about the cockpit and interacting with controls ? It’s a pretty big immersion killer and is just messy to look at.


Read the install notes… :wink:

Go to General Options, Accessibility, Cockpit Interactions. Change it to Legacy.


I’m interested in this answer also.

Already changed the Lock to Legacy.
But, the buttons do not display the way they did before SU 5.

Go to General Options, Accessibility, User Interface and change the instrument name tooltips and description tooltips to Off. You can even set that for the Menu Tooltips. That will get rid of the ui popup boxes when hovering or interacting in the cockpit

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not sure what you mean? The buttons have probably all been re-coded for SU5. Once you turn it to legacy though the pop up boxes go away.

Ah, legacy mode it is. I couldn’t operate the plane anymore at all. All it says is press ? to do whatever.

Does anyone know how to get ESC to close the menu again? (in flight) You can click on it, but instead of ESC closing it, there’s now a | where it says resume.

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I cant seem to remove the white bar at the top screen anymore as well, its always there even after the mouse cursor vanishes, annoying.

Same here, oddly it vanishes when you alt-tab another window over top.

I did my comparison flight, fps doubled, memory use halved, visuals halved (blurry), pop in everywhere :confused:

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I can add this one here :slightly_smiling_face:

There are so many complaints now this is going down very quickly… Any submits appreciated !!

I’m not interested the name of the knobs, I just want to see value of the knob during when I adjust it.

  • heading bug knob: exact heading value
  • mixture, prop etc: percentage value of the position (if the mixture is full 100% if lean 0%…)
    This worked before this update…

What could be the solution?

When I change the radio frequency on the A320, it likes to put the eye icon over the frequency readout… How do I get rid of that. I know where the knob is, I’m rotating it, but I can’t see where I’m adjusting the frequency to with that ‘look here’ icon blocking the frequency. (On legacy mode)

Unfortunately you can’t get rid of the new style boxes, even changing it to legacy. The best thing you can do is to also scale down the UI. I hope they reimplement the older and less intrusive tool tip style boxes

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