How to revert back to SU9

What is the procedure, to revert back to SU9?
I removed myself from the Beta in the Xbox Insider App and uninstalled MSFS.
After rebooting my PC I reinstalled MSFS in the Xbox app and was about to install it again, but its always SU10 Beta which I get. Am I trapped in this?

So that’s what I exactly described above, isn’t it?
That’s not the solution…

If everything fails, what I do is make sure all folders pertaining to MSFS are deleted, and I mean ALL

No, it isn’t. You didn’t say you waited for the unenrollment to complete. I didn’t write the instructions. If it doesn’t work, it ain’t my fault :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah sorry then, I waited for the unenrollment to be complete…

So I deleted all MSFS related files, loged out of my account, I am unenrolled and it still installs how can that be? Can some official help me here?

is this the same procedure with steam version? Im thinking of going back to su9 because fs2crew addons dont work with su10 beta :frowning:

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so to everyone on steam version wondering how to revert and if you have to reinstall, I took the risk for you and steam just came up with a 143 mb update, followed by the content manager after startup and a “installation complete” message, since that instant ctd on loading. so I guess Im going to reinstall now lol
going back to beta again somehow works no problem…

By deleted, do you mean you uninstalled it or manually deleted? To go back to SU9, you should exit from the preview in Xbox Insider then uninstall MSFS. Then a full install is required.

Done all that, I even reinstalled or reseted Win 10 but I am still on Beta 10 after a complete new installation. And I’m not even enrolled to those Beta preview anymore, thats all weird and a complete mess if I’m honest.

Unsinstalled first and deleted afterwards any leftovers from MSFS.

The moral of this thread:

Only install an SU Beta if you intend on actually testing and reporting back on bugs and issues and are willing to commit and ride it out until the final version is released. It’s not meant to be a sneak preview or advanced copy of the sim to play on.


Thats not whats its about, I know that as I am doing stuff like that for over 10 years, but if I choose for certain reasons to remove myself from the Beta, I should be able to, I hope you agree.
Its easy talking if someone is not self affected…:wink:

I agree. It should be easier. But if you’ve followed through the various open betas, you’ll see this rarely ever works for anyone. That’s why I never joined into any beta until now. And like it or not, I’m locked in until the end of the cycle.

Not saying it’s right. Just saying that’s the way it is.

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Got you, buts its not the right way, at least in my opninion…

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In the last two beta’s each timeI leave when the official SU comes out, it completely deletes my folders and I have to download all content again… all 120+ GB of it. Plus i have to re-install the content from the content manager.

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Many people have issues with that. I have my content (official and community) folder backed up so that I don’t have that issue.

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