How to revert back to SU9

I just went back from latest beta (2 august) to official SU9 (MS Store version)

  1. I had a backup of the whole Packages\Official folder, moved it to a custom location on drive C.
  2. I made a backup of the localstate folder (profile, game settings, aircraft cache) just in case
  3. I went into xbox insider hub, and left the MSFS Beta, after it MS Store still didn’t give install option.
  4. Restarted PC
  5. MS Store gave the update option, which installed the SU9 version (1.06GB download)
  6. Started the game, located the custom packages folder location, it detected the files correctly.
  7. Did a small flight, all smooth with SU9, all settings i did in SU10 beta were even maintained (or seems so, no issues so far)

I was on SU10 Beta and had to revert to SU9, and now I’m back on SU10 Beta again.

I tried the officially recommended method, expecting the content to be reverted, but hit the same CTD bug everyone else has experienced.

Fortunately, I had a backup of the official content directory (always do your backups!) and managed to revert to SU9 just by restoring that, and the steam install directory.

I added Are you going to fix the process for reverting back to Live from Beta? to the upcoming SU10 Dev Livestream Q&A because this is a very important beta testing meta-process, and it should work easily, allowing users to frictionlessly switch between a beta and live version.

There are many reasons a user may have to do this, but still wish to contribute to beta testing. Making it a painful process that is not what is officially recommended, with unexpected CTD’s, isn’t the way to retain beta testers. Genuine beta testers (ie: the ones actually interested in testing and bug reporting, not just thinking it’s an early preview where performance always goes up) should be treated like gold. It takes work and dedication if you want reliable feeback. Make it easy for them to switch, please.