How to save aircraft-specific control assignments?

Hello to all:

I have a throttle quadrant with six levers.

In other simulators, I am able to save aircraft specific settings and load them for the aircraft I will fly.

For example, for B747’s the levers were:
Spoiler - Throttles 1-2-3-4 - Flaps

I saved this setting as “B747”

For a single prop, they were:
Throttle - prop - mixture - flaps

And I saved it as “Single Prop”

And a setting with specific assignments for twin jets and one for twin props.

When I selected an aircraft to fly, I would upload the setting for the specific aircraft and the quadrant was immediately assigned properly.

How can I name and save such settings in MSFS2020 and retrieve them for the aircraft I will fly?

Thanks you as always for your advice.

You can set up a new profile name for each device named to whatever plane you want. Not sure what the maximum number of profiles you can have, but at least several.

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To add to Habu’s excellent advice, go to Options, select Controls, pick your specific device, Choose an axis, or button, assign an action to that axis or button, you will be prompted to name the controller, Choose a name that makes sense for your device, and the plane you wish to fly. Set up the rest of the Axes, and buttons for your profile. Before flying the plane you want with this profile, enter the Options, Controllers area, and make sure this profile is active. The game will load the last configuration you saved, so you only need to worry about this if you are changing planes.

Thank you Habu2 and David.
That is very helpful!
I’ll try today.
All the best!

For some reason I am unable to save any profiles for my joystick - which is recognised.
Where are profiles saved? When I create a new profile there is disc activity but when I leave the setup page and return my new profile is not available, only the Default.