How to see the list of my installed airports?

Currently the MSFS Addon Linker shows the free addon airports that I have installed but not those provided by the MSFS product. I find it difficult to see which MSFS airports are provided.
How do I see a list of all of my installed airport sceneries in a single display?

I’m not sure you can.
If all were in your community folder, the sim content manager would show them.
In any case, the content manager will still show you all airports installed through MSFS.
Using the linker, your are probably only going to see the ones linked to the community folder displayed in the content manager.

if you use LittleNavMap and create the database from the sim all the airports shown on the map are available into the sim.

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The game plug-in manager can see

Where is the ‘game plug-in manager’?
Will this show me:

  • the MSFS supplied airports in deluxe ultimate
  • airports installed from the MS Store
  • airports added through the MSFS Addon Linker :grey_question: