How to select from multiple SimBrief flight plans in A32NX MCDU?

I know how to load the latest OFP from SimBrief.

But I would like to build up a dozen flight plans and select from them in the MCDU, like a company flight plan for example.

Can I do that?

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Ahh, I have found one solution. Regenerate a flight plan in SimBrief, it will load into the MCDU within seconds.

So I guess the process is to always regenerate a flight plan, like real world pilots?

It always picks the latest simbrief flight plan. If I’m doing multiple legs, I note what I want to do and set the next one up during the cruise so it’s ready to go after landing. Once it’s loaded in, it doesn’t matter what you do in simbrief as it stays loaded as it was when you pressed to load it in

There is a guide on how to store company routes in your MCDU on the flyByWire documentation site.

The drawback is that you need to put in some data manually to complete the flight plan, like:

  • flight number, cost index and cruise level
  • other flight-specific data like pax, cargo, etc.