How to set up a PA system?


I spend some time adding extra immersion to my flight sim experience by building a simple home cockpit setup, making a document bag and planning/briefing table, etc. Just one little project left: Making some kind of PA system.

I’m curious how you guys did that! How did you set it up? Which software / hardware did you use? Thanks!

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I take 8 analog channels of audio from my motherboard (an Asus ROG Strix z490) to a Behringer X18 mixer out to a rack of 4 Crown XLS 1502’s. It’s also the same setup I use as my audio system. I own no stereo system. Just the computer, a mixer, amps, speakers, and two 12" subs. In other words, a scaled down PA system.

It also makes it sound pretty realistic while in VR. :slight_smile: I don’t use earbuds or headphones in VR.