How to set up Nose Wheel Steering using Joystick?

I tried to map my joystick to SET STEERING, but that did not work. How do I get nose wheel steering set up?

For me, whatever is set to control the rudder (pedals in my case) also controls the nose wheel steering on the ground.

that is not realistic in Jets. They use a tiller and I don;t see how to map nose wheel steering to a joystick.

There is a command for steering under “Misc”. I have assigned Axis X and it reads just perfect if I open the Sensitivity window, but it actually does not steer nose wheel.
My tiller is built from a Logitech Racing wheel.

So you don’t have it working either. What is the solution?

I set up my Saitek X52 yesterday and it was ready mapped using the twisting of joystick. Maybe assigning your hardware tiller as rudder will do the trick until they get it fixed?