How to set up Virtual Fly Yoko?

Anyone had any success making Yoko (not the Plus model) yoke to work with flight sim? MFS recognized the Yoko but without any default settings. Please post you custom mapping settings for this controller. Thanks.

Good morning, the same thing happens to me.
I have the Yoko (not the Plus model) and Flight Sim Throttle Quadrant - TQ6 (not the Plus model) and I can’t get them to work on MFS2020.

According to their website they are or will be available soon.
I have downloaded the latest VF-TestCalibrate and it does not work with MFS2020.

Sent email to Virtual Fly, yesterday August 18 explaining the problem, waiting for a response.
I’m from Spain (Virtual Fly is a Spanish company) I hope they don’t take long to reply :wink:


Kind of frustrating you spend $1,000 on a yoke and it doesn’t work with the most anticipated flight sim of the decade…

Hello there,

We have been working with Microsoft for more than a year now. Our flight controls all work with MSFS2020. Please contact me if you find any issue with it at


Pau Garcia

How does it work? It detects my yoko yoke, but I can’t assign anything to it

Hi Pau Garcia,

I can see the Yoko In flight controls option, but nothing is assigned to it. Can you provide mappings for the primary flight control surfaces? I am posting this here so other’s with similar issue will be able to set up their yoke.

Thank you!

Yes, exactly, just like me.

I got some good news. I got an email from Virtual Fly tech support. They have a beta version of VFTestCalibrate software for all peripherals “Plus” and “Non Plus” for MFS2020. Contact Virtual Fly to get the software.
I can not post a link to the Dropbox file or PDF instructions here.

Excellent customer service at Virtual Fly! Thumbs up!

I have also received it. I’m testing but it doesn’t work.

It works for me. Did you receive the PDF file with the instructions?

VFTestCalibrate-S with MFS2020
VFTestCalibrate-S software interface your Virtual Fly devices with the new Microsoft Flight simulator 2020.
There are three main things that you need to note when using this software:

  • Windows calibration of your Virtual Fly devices is required if it has not been done before.
  • VFTestCalibrate software has to be running in your computer when using the Virtual Fly devices with the simulation software. Also remember to select and configurate each device in the according VFTestCalibrate tab.
  • Virtual Fly devices configurated in VFTestCalibrate need to be unassigned in MFS 2020 to avoid axis or buttons duplicity.

Yes, I received the pdf and the file from dropbox and I think I did the process properly, I don’t know, I will try later.
I have stopped to rest a little;)

Then I will tell you how the subject is going, I will follow your instructions.

Thank you.

I have repeated the process following your instructions (DFlyAK) and those of the Virtual Fly PDF file and I keep getting a question mark in the Virtual Fly controls, I don’t care much if I can configure the controls manually.
I have manually assigned the functions to the controls and everything works fine.
Waiting for FSUIPC7 for FS2020 to work properly it seems to cause fps drops, they are working to fix it.

Google Translation

I finally got it (I’m a bit rusty), thanks a lot to Joan Borrós and Pau García from Virtual Fly. They tell me that it is a Beta driver and that they are working on the final version.

I have the question mark in the Yoke option too. But the Yoko works in the sim.
Make sure you are running Virtual fly software in background.

Hello there,

I will leave the beta version download link here:

Everything should work with these version. Our final release will be available soon.



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