How to setup speed/air brake to slider ax on a Warthog throttle

As the topic titles says :
How do I assign the slider ax from a Warthog throttle to the speed/air brake of a jet or liner.
I’m bin searching in hte configuration screen, but for some reason there’s no speed/air brake any were ?

In fact there is. Search under “Secondary Flight Controls” section.

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I would like to know how to get the reverse thrust to work with the HOTAS. I already mapped my fuel control to the little side axis, prop pitch to the second outside axis and power to the center axis. Guess Ill need to get another HOTAS if I want to fly big jets, lol.

Oh and skypiratez is correct.

I mapped toggle throttle reverse to the red button on the Warthog throttle, yet it doesn’t work like I was hoping.

The reversers come out, not a problem.
Yet when you throttle up, the plane is still moving forward, even with the reversers in place.

I mapped the actual reverse on the throttle but it doesn’t seem to work.

I would really like to get the Honeycomb throttle quadrant that is coming soon. That has all the axis I need. Late September.

search for spoilers and use the axis binding

You might know this but check you have the filter set to ‘all’ and not just assigned. Only shows currently assigned controls by default.
Once you set it to all you should find a spoiler axis in Secondary Control Surface.

Ohh I had it on all.
Thing is I was searching for speed brake, brake or air brake.
Not the most obvious thing, like say spoiler :confounded: