[HOW TO] Simulate Toe Brakes for hard turns on ground

You can simulate toe brakes on “Non Toebrake” rudder pedals (or HOTAS twist rudder) by assigning the left toe brake to the left pedal and right toe brake to the right pedal (note: not the axis’s, press a pedal instead of a button when assigning)

You assign the rudder axis to the pedals as usual.

Set a fairly low sensitivity curve.

Now you can use your pedals as usual in the air, but, on the ground, if you press either pedal more than half way, the toe brake for that pedal will engage.

You will still need to assign something else for the combined brake (L+R) function.


I’m glad I was not the only one with a similar issue, which I think I solved. I do not use rudder pedals. I just have a twist joystick. I noticed that it seemed like the more I moved the rudder sensitivity to the left, the longer/wider the aircraft took to turn. I have all brakes set on my joystick. I added left and right brakes to my joystick hat switch. Works a treat - can swivel around on a sixpence! Cheers.

I’m glad you found a fix for your needs.

In my case, I would have added the Left / Right brakes to my twist rudder.

So the brakes only kick in once you apply more than 50% twist in either direction. Thiis would free up your hat for something else.