How to spawn SimObjects?


Do you know if there´s any easy way or tool to spawn SimObjects in game? For example in the past I used AICarriers to place moving boats and vehicles at specific locations.

AICarriers is not working, as I just tested it before posting. Is anything similar available now?


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Programing AI via Simconnect (I assume AICarriers uses simconnect), is not available in the current version (1.9.x) I see that they mention a new sample program to have Bears in the sim. Since an animal is an AI object maybe after the update (10/27 delayed) the AI programs will work.


The SDK team continues to improve many areas of the SDK based on input from the developer community. Recent work focused on:

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  • New samples (windsock and bears) have been added to the SDK.

Thanks. Good to know it. Yes I think it worked via SimConnect. It was a very simple tool indeed.

I guess it’s a matter of time that other tools are available. I liked that one very much as it allowed lots of interaction with world in real time without the need to create missions. I used it to create rescue scenarios.