How to start as administrator by default?

how to set msfs2020 app to start default as administrator

Right-click - properties - shortcut - advanced. Never run applications as admin!

This is not a good practice. Are you sure it is necessary?

Why not???

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If you are just a gamer, then that would be true, but… no! Don’t say “never”, because obviously you have no clue…

You made my day :slight_smile:

If you have bought it on steam it will be in the Steam, Commonapps folder, you should see the exe file, right click properties, and under one of the tabs should be compatibility settings and admin check.

If you own the MS Store version, the same procedure except, the exe is located in C-user-appdata(hidden folder)-roaming-microsoft flight simulator

Sad, but true…
(There is so many reasons to start programs as admin)

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I pinned it to Start, then right-click -> more -> Run as Administrator

I’ve tried C:\user\appdata\roaming\ and to no avail can I find. Exe anywhere any ideas ? I have digital version