How to - Take Screen shots with Subject sharp, Background & Foreground Blurred?

I have seen a number of screen shots, often with a taxiing aircraft, where the aircraft is in sharp focus & the background & foreground are deliberately slightly blurred. So that the aircraft is the visual focus of attention.
I believe it may be a function in the Drone Camera External Views - I have been trying to figure out how it is done, so far no luck.
Could someone give me the settings I need to apply to get the above effect?
Or is it a post screen shot procedure??

Go to Options > General, scroll down to Depth of Field and turn it off. See if that fixes your problem.

See the depth of field options for the drone camera here:

Thanks for input.
Just to clarify - I am not sure if you think I am finding the blurred background & foreground a problem, or not being able to get that is the problem.
It is the latter. I want a sharp center image with blurred background & foreground. I will try your suggestion.

Ah gotcha. Then leave Depth of Field on.

Thanks for your suggestion.
If I set up the Depth of Field correctly, will I see the screen shot on screen appropriately blurred, before I take the shot, or only after the screen shot is taken, & I look at the shot?


You will see the depth of field effect in realtime.

Ok Thank you.
Haven’t cracked it yet.
I t may be complicated by using the PC keyboard to switch to Drone Camera, which is then controlled by an XBox controller.

I wonder if I have something set the wrong way in the Camera settings.
I’ll have a look at that.

I can now keyboard toggle foreground blur on & off.
Which Depth of Field setting controls background blur?
thank you

Set the drone focus control to manual. Then adjust focus until you see the shallow depth of field effect you are trying to achieve. You may also need to position the camera depending on the relation of the plane to the surrounding environment.