How to tell total hours of flying in aircraft?

You know how the Cessna aircrafts have the dials and some show the hours in the aircraft, which in this sim are your actual fly hours which is pretty neat. Is there a way to find such a thing in the Screen-type aircraft that have no dials?

You could use the log book section of your profile I think

Hi @Snowfious. This capability doesn’t exist in the sim at this time. As @Sabes1474 states, you could just do the math yourself.

If you’d like to see an easer way to do this down the road, suggest you post a suggestion in the #self-service:wishlist subcategory.

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Oh… hmm, I see. Ok thanks for the info. Appreciate it.

At the moment, you can only read this in the each of the airplane saved files.
Don’t remember the exact location on these files as I am on work.

But something like AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft Flight Simulator\LocalCache\SimObjects