How to test fuel usage accuracy in the sim?

I know many aircraft list the top speeds/mach of an aircraft in real life and you can take the same aircraft in the sim and see if it can reach those top speeds. For example the F-16 in real life says at 37k altitude the F-16 can reach “just over mach 2”. In the sim at 37k altitude clear skies default, it reaches 2.02 mach. That seems accurate.

But what about the distance aircraft can travel? Is there a way to find out in real life how far military jets can fly, distance wise listing if the aircraft is fully loaded and not?

I know it might seem like a stickler but one of the things I like about this simulator is how accurate and true to life they can make certain planes. Knowing they built this sim to be capable of matching things, I would like to know if there’s a way I can conduct my own in sim test to see if I can match real world limitations.

for pc users, there is a tool in the sdk for this - SimVars.exe

it has all the sim variables that include gph/pph fuel flow (usage) and many more
you run it while ingame and ‘connect’ it to see the values being used

you would need to do math to figure range, but that tells you the amounts to use
keep in mind the figures the aircraft claim are at ‘best possible’ conditions, you will probably not get the exact same at any altitude or fuel settings

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