How to update Waypoint list on AI aircraft?

I am trying to set a Waypoint list on a AI aircraft, this works fine, however I want to update this waypoint list, but how to do this? Simply setting the list again doesn’t seem to do anything?..

Here is my code: Flight-Simulator-Better-Traffic/LiveTrafficHandler.cs at 24d747292d88c0fab068806bff876ab24841c747 · GewoonJaap/Flight-Simulator-Better-Traffic · GitHub

(The parsePlaneData function will be called every 10 seconds, if the plane is already spawned it will try to set new waypoints. But it looks like the sim only sets it the first time)

Just to name the ovious workaround here: you could simply destroy and respawn the AI aircraft at the same location. Then set the udpated flight plan accordingly.

Might result in some ugly “aircraft flickering” (it takes up to a couple of seconds until the new AI aircraft will show), but well… “workaround” :slight_smile:

Other than that try to report it as a bug. There is also a new “official dev forum” where Asobo employes are said to read and possibly even reply:

Maybe try there as well?

Thanks for your reply! I managed to fix it by using a weird workaround. Setting onGround = 1 when in air, and onGround = 0 when on ground made the plane follow the waypoint. Very strange but it works lol