How to upfgrade froum SU beta 10 to full update?

I just launched the game to install the latest update that came out yesterday and it only downloaded about 10kb, so i preume im still on the beta and it hasn’t found the full update ?

Do i have to completely uninstall the beta and install the entire game again to play the final SU 10 ?

It says im currently on version

You are on the full release already, no need to do anything. There’s been some messages about this, to the effect that you’re still signed up for beta testing so if you want to exit you have to do so. See this Beta Testers: New Information on Joining/Leaving the Beta

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Clearly I’m not entirely on the full release. There are no release notes in my setup.

Asobo really missed out by not bothering to supply release notes with each beta release.

Not only did that stop beta testers knowing what to look for, but it also prevented beta testing of the release notes!

Beta 21 had no release notes. Release 21 has release notes. If you have Beta 21 you don’t get Release 21, so you don’t get Release notes.

You can read the official release notes

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From my experience, stay where you are! I stupidly came out of the SU10 beta last night after SU10 went live and have had nothing but problems. It’s suddenly turned into a massive stutter fest! I’ve reinstalled the sim and still having the same issue. my mainthread is suddenly going through the roof.

I don’t have release notes either in the sim, but they are accessible elsewhere so not a problem really. One of the down sides of participating in the beta I guess.


It’s a bit weird that its only a 10kb update from the beta to full release. They can’t have changed much between beta and full release !

the version number is the same, if you where in the beta you are Now in the full release but …

if you read the link posted by AndyClark above you will find you are Also still signed up for the beta
what that means is, you are now current, you should be able to find the new City Update in the MarketPlace to verify this (if your waiting for the but … here it is)
But … you are Also still signed up for beta in the XBOX Insider Hub so you will be automatically entered in the next beta

So you can do nothing and play the current game Or you can exit the beta program from the Hub - leaving beta you will get a small update from the ms store (less than 2gb) and a tiny update to the game ( Be Sure to select the Correct Packages directory on first run)
if done correctly you will not need any noticable update to the packages

for custom installs, if you neglect to chose the correct Packages location the game may re install to the default location (probably leaving the old install so you could end up with 2 full installs)

Hi all,

I am on Xbox and was signed up and playing under Beta 10 for a while. I have automatic updates turned on so when I got home yesterday evening it was showing that I was on the correct version. I then went and opted out of the Beta as this is what I thought best to do, now that the full version is released. I hope I have done the right thing?

There’s literally ZERO change from the final beta to public release. Nada. Zip. They’ve done that in all the recent betas. The last beta that the testers receive is the same version that gets released to the public.

That’s why they pushed a final change to the beta last week to unify all platforms on the same 1.27.21 version.

On Steam, there was no download at all. You just left the beta, and done. No updates, downloads, content, nothing

i guess that makes sense, not really sure since i dont have steam (or xbox)
for the ms store version its the launcher system that was updated i believe, no actual change to the game files (or they where just a few configs and so small i didnt see it dl them even as i was watching)
steam uses its own launcher so …
same with xbox, its likely there is no noticeable update from beta to current, but im just guessing for both of these
the last beta version was 1.27.21 -the same as the current full release version, we have just been using it for a day or 2 already :slight_smile:

ohh be sure to check the MarketPlace, make sure you have all the world updates and you should also see the new City Update (this is a Sim Update not a World Update so there is not a Lot of new ‘content’ that comes with the World Updates i think)

Release notes being available on a website is not the same as them being in the sim.

From what I understand, it’s a very small change to the EXE file for MS version. Likely it’s a small flag in the code that’s flipped to indicate that the version isn’t beta any more.

While the “same” in terms of function, Jayne did confirm early last year that there are major differences under the hood between the Steam and MS Store version of the sim. So this small change on the MS platform while none on Steam makes sense.

You are right and I am at peace.