How to upload clips from Xbox to this forum?

Hi, what is the most straightforward way to upload a clip from MSFS on Xbox to this forum?

For bug reporting and beta testing, I have been uploading clips from Xbox to OneDrive, downloading to my computer, uploading to Youtube, sharing a link here… which seems to be along way around. Since the Xbox ‘cloud’ and this forum are both Microsoft, is there a simple way I am not seeing? thaks.

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I’ve been going to the Xbox app on my iPad and copying the link to a clip and pasting it into my post here. (My Library—>Captures—>clip—>Copy link)

It doesn’t include a nice preview nor give it a description, but it’s certainly easier than a bunch of steps otherwise.

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OK thanks! You are on Xbox, right? Does your Longitude porpoise in cruise? I just posted in the AAU1 section, can’t figure out if it’s a bug, or I’m making a configuration mistake (don’t think so).

I’ve flown it a number of times and did not notice that occurring.

I guess I’m just lucky… I’ll try erasing my settings again, or yet another fresh install.

Yes I would like to know too. When I click capture a scene it says it going to Xbox network. What and where is that. I have been trying to upload them to twitch but that hasn’t worked either.
It is capturing the video but I don’t know where it goes other than my internal storage but how do you link to that?

If you see the option to upload to Onedrive try that - but it might only be an option if your Xbox account is the same as a Microsoft 365 account (not sure).

Ok I’ll try that.