How to use GAUGE KEYSTROKE keybind?

Its in the keybindings under Controls. Its suppose to enable A-Z, 0-9 keyboard commands for input fields in GPS instead of having to scroll around which is kind of nice. But i can’t get it to work. Say lookup an airport or waypoint on the G1000 or entering in radio frequencies.

Also just stumbled over SHIFT which double/tripple the rotations on the nobs for faster scrolling, say heading bug or altititude.

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Don’t believe you can use a keyboard to write input into the garmin products. You can always request this feature in #self-service:wishlist If you’d like :smile:

But that is the exact text explaining the GAUGE KEYSTROKE keybind?

Text is as follows:

Enable a keystroke to be sent to a gauge that is in focus. The keystrokes can only be in the range 0-9, A to Z, and the four keys: plust, minus, comma and period.
This is typically used to allow some keyboard entry to a complex device such as a GPS to enter things such as ICAO codes using the keyboard rather then turning dials.

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Oh, I see. Well in that case, they are yet to add support for this feature, but chances are its coming soon as they already have the settings implemented. So stay tuned, I am sure they are working to get it working :wink: