How to use push/pull buttons in A320 on Xbox?

Does anyone know how to use the push pull switches on the A320 on the Xbox version, all I have is the blue highlight but can’t change the autopilot modes unlike pc where you can roll back to legacy?

From what I hear it’s ‘A’ for push, ‘X’ for pull.

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Many thanks will try this later, and will reply on post if its successful!

The x and a didn’t work for me
I managed to work out that using a mouse and clicking on the button then using the 2nd mouse button thus switches the mode but regardless I can’t seem to get the neo to allow me to use speed mode, Hdg or vs mode
It only reacts to managed mode fir some reason and I can’t seem to disable it

This is correct. If it is not working for you, then you may need to check you controller binding or rest to default.

Look for Cockpit Interaction in the Bindings. also the one unasdigned. there’s quite some of them if you set filter to ‘all’.

I had this exact problem and had to resort to turning on the dreaded tooltips. For me, I found I had to hold down LMB and click my mouse wheel.

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If using a mouse instead of XBox controller you have to simulteneously hold the left mouse button down (to keep the button menu active) move the mouse L-R to change the value and press either the middle mouse button or right mouse button to engage the ‘push’/‘pull’ managed/selected modes. Took me a while to figure this out. When you engage managed mode small dots should appear to show you are in managed mode in the small display above those dials.
As said in other posts, with the XBox controller you ‘A’ over the dial to bring up the menu, change it (right stick L-R) and then hit ‘A’ or ‘X’ to choose the mode then ‘B’ to exit the switch menu.

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Many thanks, tried and now working as you said via pressing mouse wheel! Appreciate the support
Blue skies

Thanks all for replying
Now sorted using the left mouse button and pressing mouse wheel to change the modes!

Blue skies everyone!

Agreed- using a mouse makes it far easier.

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