How to use training modules

Installed MSFS and got NOTHING but Mt Fuji. Uninstalled and reinstalled - now have all menu items, etc…
HOWEVER - would someone please tell me how to access the 8 training modules. ALL 8 of the training modules are grayed out.
At the WELCOME tab, I select it and then select the FLIGHT TRAINING - Learn to Fly in a Cessna 152 (my choice of plane). This gives me the 8 training modules which are all grayed out and inaccessible!
What is wrong and what am I missing?

THANKS for any help - Ken Cooper

You probably have the items in your library from the first install, but after reinstalling they have not been downloaded again. Go into your contentmanager and check if the lessons are present.

Ah - found the Content Manager!

None of the training modules were installed. Also found the ‘missing aircraft’. Downloaded Training Module 1 and am now in Sedona, etc…


P.S. Too bad there is not a ‘Beginner Manual’ for us novices…

Happy flying!