How to use typeParam FrameRate parameters in Animation


I would like to ask about typeParam parameters. So i have animations in FSX then i convert it to MSFS but the animations is very slow. Then i found out in MSFS SDK Documentation that we can modify FrameRate
It says that if we modify that parameter, the animations could be faster 2x or 3x by changing the FrameRate to 36fps or 9fps.
But, the documentation isn’t very clear how to use that parameters, i tried this code but doesn’t speed up the animation

<Animation name="Ambient" guid="XXXX" type="Standard" typeParam="AutoPlay,Random,FrameRate:36" />

Can someone explain how to use that FrameRate parameter?



Hi, did you ever find an answer to the question on FrameRate usage?
I have looked everywhere, but can’t find anything other than your mention.

Is there anyone who knows how this parameter is used?